Medical Interpreting

Course (60 Hours)


This course is intended to educate aspiring and current spoken language interpreters and interpreter service users, to apply professional standards to in-person, over-the-telephone, and video-remote interpreting (VRI) when each are considered a best option. This series promotes professional conduct whenever an interpreter is needed, and focusses on HIPAA safeguards and Risk Management enhancements.

This course should solidify and prepare the interpreter's commitment to pursuing excellence in their role as an medical interpreter. Emphasizing the essentials of unbiased and transparent communication, testimonies punctuate a variety of interpreting expectations in the healthcare industry. 

COST: 280$ ( 3 weekends - Saturday & Sunday)

Time: 9:30-12:30AM  13:30-17:30PM

Course Content:

- Introduction to Interpreting

- Modes of interpreting

- Interpreting Basics

- Being Prepared

- Puntuality

- Entry and Introductions

- Interpreter Voice, Positioning and Clarity

- Culture Awareness

- Accuracy

- Respectful Boundaries

- Recusal

- Telephonic Manner

- Back Translation


- Code of Ethics

- Video Remote Interpreting

- Medical Terminology (50% of the course) English/Spanish

Practical Scenarios:

- Simulation of Medical Interpretion (5 Cases) (Training)

- Simulation of Vidoe Remote Interpreting (2 cases) (Training)

Written Exam

Practical Exam

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