Course Curriculum (1 week program)

Module 1  Introduction to Immunology and clinical applications in Integrative Medicine

Module 2  Diabetes & Obesity (A new approach) in Clinical treatment.

Module 3  Understanding sugar metabolism & Artificial Sweetners

Module 4  Detoxifiction (Healing the body).

Module 5  Laboratory Interpretation ( Understanding how to Interpret maximum and minimum values)

Module 6  Hormonal Modulation (Men & Women)

Module 7  Low Dose Naltrexone & Alpha Lipoic Acid and Clinical Applications  

This course is offered three times a year. We have a limited number of slots for this course due to the high demand.  Instructional material will be given on check-in arrival. Welcoming will be held at our main auditorium.  Certificates of Participation of the program will be given at the end of the course.


The awarded Certificate in Integrative Medicine is for educatonal enrichment/enhancement purposes only through SPI & and is not intended for board licensing or certification purposes.

Integrative Medicine


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