Our EKG Technician Review Program:

  • Medical Terminology

  • Human Anatomy

  • First Aid Procedures

  • Clinical Components:

  • Performing EKG & Basic Interpretation

  • Front Office Procedure

  • Communication Skills

  • Bookkeeping Techniques

Clinical Components:

  • Describe pre-procedure considerations for performing an ECG.

  • Describe and demonstrate the preparation for performing an ECG.

  • Describe the basic electrophysiology of the heart.

  • Describe and explain the electrical heart views and properties of a 12-lead ECG.

  • Describe and demonstrate how to perform an accurate 12-lead ECG.

  • Identify tracings of a normal cardiac condition and common arrhythmias.

  • Identify and explain ECG artifacts, and how to resolve them.

  • Describe stress testing and Holter monitoring.

  • Know the correct post-procedure considerations.

  • Define and use related medical terminology.

  • Explain the Patient Privacy Rule (HIPAA), Patient Safety Act, and Patients' Bill of Rights.

(10 week online access)

Tuition: 250 U$

2121 Bethel Rd. Suite D Columbus, OH 43220 - USA