About Us


Saint Patrick Institute of Medical Sciences is a private Institution located in Columbus-Ohio, dedicated to engaging a international community of healthcare professionals and health seekers in innovative education, leadership, interprofessional collaboration, research and advocacy that promotes the creation of health and the delivery of evidence-informed comprehensive education, affordable and sustainable for the health care sector. 

Our Core Values

  1.  RESPECT: We believe that every individual has an inherent worth and dignity, and through mutual respect, our students, faculty, and staff will achieve greater success.

  2. EXCELLENCE: We strive for excellence in healthcare education, student success, and career readiness.

  3. STUDENT SUCCESS: We believe that every student has the capability and determination to be successful when given the proper tools and support. We seek to provide the expertise, training, and learning environment necessary to cultivate long-lasting student growth and success.

  4. COMMITMENT: We are committed to upholding the mission and objectives of SPIMS and in doing so, we strive to surpass the needs and expectations of our students and clients.

  5. DIVERSITY: We embrace diversity among our students, faculty, and staff. A diverse classroom experience, which teaches tolerance and understanding, while advancing knowledge and growth, prepares students for a diverse workplace and community.

  6. TEAMWORK: We seek to instill the importance of effective teamwork throughout our institution. Effective teamwork is characterized by communication, cooperation, creativity, and collaboration. 

´´It is with great pleasure to welcome you to our institute. I am sure that here, you will enjoy the experience and find a sense of pride!´´







Dr. Eduardo Patrick Beltran Monasterio

Founder and Academic Director of St. Patrick Institute 

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.

2121 Bethel Rd. Suite D Columbus, OH 43220 - USA