About Us

Saint Patrick Institute of Medical Sciences and Allied Health is private school located in Columbus Ohio.

Saint Patrick provides a 100% distance learning (online) platform, offering fast-track carreers and allowing easy access and didatic online classes for its students.

As a distance education Institution, we serve a diverse population of students located throughout the United States and Internationally.

Students who enroll in Saint Patrick are typically looking for an alternative to traditional school settings for a variety of reasons, such as a medical necessity, interest in more rigorous coursework, a more flexible learning environment, and independent studies for students who have dropped out of school and need a second chance for success.

Graduates from Saint Patrick recieve a high quality educational and proper preparation for acheiving their Board Certification. Our Students are known for their skills and for easily obtaining job placement in their respective professions.  


The school’s programs are flexible, yet rigorous, resulting in graduates that are motivated to achieve success and optimistic about their future.

´´It is with great pleasure to welcome you to our institution. I am sure that here, you will find your sense of pride!´´









Dr. Eduardo Patrick Beltran Monasterio

Founder and Academic Director of St. Patrick Institute 

Vertat Metas ad Pontem Acomplishments Educationis


2121 Bethel Rd. Suite D Columbus, OH 43220 - USA