In this 2 day course you will learn how to apply the 6 steps ECG method. 

Course Content:

Step 1: General Impression

Step 2: Importance of Calibration

Step 3: Rythm Interpretation

              - Heart Rate Calculation

              - P wave (Atrial Arrythmias)

              - PR Interval (Heart Blocks)

              -  Junctional Rythms

              - Pre-Exitation Rythms (WPW vs SVT)

Step 4: Breaking down the QRS Complex

              - Calculating QRS Axis

              - R wave Progression

              - Recognizing RBBB & LBBB

              - Fasicular Blocks

              - Ventricular Tachyarrythmias

Step 5: Chamber Enlargements

              - Left & Right Atrial Enlargements

              - Left & Right Ventricular Enlargements

Step 6: Myocardial Infarction & Ischemias

              - Recognizing MI location

              - Recognizing Left vs Right Dominance


              - LBBB vs MI


The                   course provides inclass hands-on training using the Feynman technique + mnemonics. Through this method students recieve a deep understanding of the electrophysiology of the heart and learn how to apply mnemonics for fast-tracking their 12 lead ECG interpretation.


Stop waiting! Start learning

12 lead ECG like never before!

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